Hello, We're The Lemons

by The Lemons

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David Nilles
David Nilles thumbnail
David Nilles this album makes me so happy!
Ana Zómeg
Ana Zómeg thumbnail
Ana Zómeg Childhood memories association right here man...
It just feels like Childs play; so easy, free & fulfilling. Favorite track: Lemoncita.
Joe Lloyd-Allen
Joe Lloyd-Allen thumbnail
Joe Lloyd-Allen I'm listening to this all the way across the pond in rainy Wales in the UK and the weather doesn't seem so gloomy when you're listening to happy-go-lucky songs about Elephants and jelly beans!
Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell thumbnail
Robert Campbell I like this band because they are fun and their show is a good time. I wish they were from Philly so I could see them more Favorite track: Ice Cream Shop.
✿ anna lucia ✿
✿ anna lucia ✿ thumbnail
✿ anna lucia ✿ the lemons make me happier in 14 minutes than anything else u could do in 14 minutes. luv u all Favorite track: Ice Cream Shop.
Peter Gillette
Peter Gillette thumbnail
Peter Gillette It is a great reminder of childhood and my kid knows and loves every song. I dare you to go to an IRL ice cream shop and not hear the guitar solo Favorite track: Ice Cream Shop.
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The whole Lemons story. All of the hits, misses, and minor catastrophes all on one slab of wax. 28 songs about feeling like you finally belong somewhere. Five or eight friends who have nothing better to do than eat healthy foods and have healthy conversations and then sing a bunch of gibberish until they fall down laughing, which usually takes less than a minute. They're all here. Try naming a Lemons song that isn't. Give up?


released February 5, 2016

Made by The Lemons.
Artwork by Goons.


all rights reserved



The Lemons Chicago, Illinois

Everybuddy's a Lemon.


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Track Name: Lemon Lime
My little lemons got a lemon lime
I gotta find something to do with my time
I feel so fine when I see that lime
I see that lemon in my mind
I wanted it for so long
Finally you came along
Now I'm singing a song
My little lemon lime
Track Name: My Candy Girl
If you are what you eat, she must only eat sweets
My candy girl
She's got bubble gum lips and twizzler hips
Strawberry curls on candy girl
I'm stuck to you, oh yes it's true
I'm stuck to you just like a tooth
Track Name: Chubby Checker
Chubby Checker was twisting along
He was twisting all night long
He said "hey buddy, sing me a song"
I sang it once and he sang along
He's just twisting in the kitchen right now
Track Name: Ice Cream Shop
In the morning time, everybuddy knows
I took my baby to the ice cream shop
Time turns, everybuddy stops
I took my baby to the ice cream shop
Track Name: Where'd I Go?
I gotta go
I gotta go right now
Where'd I go?
Track Name: Best Day
This was the best day I ever had
Didn't do anything I didn't want to
I took a ship and I sailed into the sea
And on the shore that elephant was waving to me
But that elephant don't know
I climbed a tree and I went into the sky
And on a cloud that elephant was waving bye-bye
But that elephant don't know
Track Name: Monkey Time
Oh little monkey time
Are you the one or are you mine
Are you living in the back of a violin
Living in the back and you never want to go
Track Name: Seaweed
Seaweed's coming and seaweed's back
Seaweed's coming for a midnight snack
Seaweed's coming and seaweed goes
Seaweed's coming with a runny nose
See see see see see see seaweed
Track Name: Kool-Aid Box
Pick me up at the koolaid box
Cuz everybuddy wants to know
Pick me up just around the block
I never even wanted to go
Track Name: Elephant
Up down around and back again
I only want to be your friend
Then it's gone up down around again
I never wanna squeeze that lime again
Oh I could go
I wanna ride and elephant
When I ride an elephant it's you
Track Name: Margo
Margo everybuddy wants to know
Everybuddy everywhere
Everybuddy wants to know
Were you in the moonlight
Bopping your head to delight
Everybuddy knows that you were
We love you Margo
Track Name: Jelly Bean
We're coming from the jelly bean part of town
Don't you let that jelly bean get you down
We're coming from the jelly bean farm in town
Don't you let that jelly bean get you down
I'm coming home with you
Track Name: Michael Lennie
Mike Mike, Michael Lennie
The one who stole but he left us plenty of times
And this time Mikey's never coming back again
Track Name: Jingle Jangle
There's a jingle jangle down the street
Right in time with a high school beat
When I hear it then I know
Pop the top and down it goes
Track Name: Lemoncita
Hey there little lemoncita
Won't you come down I trying to meet ya
You've been having fun hanging in the sun
But I need you now, won't you please come down?
Track Name: Shark Bait
Waah says the baby
Where is it gonna go?
In the water with the big fish in the sea
We gotta push it in before the baby begins to crawl
Track Name: Bum Some Mokers
All right all right, I'm gonna bum some mokers tonight
All right all right, I'm gonna bum some mokers tonight
Oh yeah oh yeah, I'm gonna bum some mokers it's true
Oh yeah oh yeah, and if you're lucky you can bum one too
I think I'm gonna bum some mokers and moke em tonight
Track Name: Long Long Hair
I don't wonder wonder why I wonder
I don't care why do I care
Got a feeling that I'm going under
And it's all cuz of my long long hair
Track Name: Lazy Day
Feeling hazy, going crazy
Saints be praised my lazy day
Track Name: Memory
Is that your memory baby?
Is that the thing that you want to do?
Track Name: Judey
You're a young man
Judey you're a one man
You can have it one summer and lose it the next
You're a young man
Track Name: Jeffrey's House
There's a place in town where I can do the things that I wanted to do
With you
The things that I wanted to do
With you at Jeffrey's
We can do them at Jeffrey's
We can do them at Jeffrey's house
I know
Track Name: Being A Man
Walk walk walk walk walking the walk
Talk talk talk talk talking the talk
Walk walk walk walk walking out the door
Being a man
Being a man
Being a man
That's what I am
Being a man
Track Name: JJ's House
I was walking to JJ's house
A little while later I was at JJ's house
And now I'm at JJ's house
So JJ tell me what you want to do
Track Name: Sunset City
Hello Eugene
Hello Fran
Do you need a helping hand?
I've been watching you've been doing things I just don't understand
And I'll show you the way
We can go to Sunset City tonight
Track Name: Rambo
Track Name: We Are The Lemons
We are the Lemons we are the Lemons
We are the Lemon-Lime singing band
We can sing all day, we can sing all night
It's everything we wanted to do
We can sing down low, we can sing up high
It's everything we wanted to do

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